Khaosist as KK / Hidden Notes  (DIGITAL/LTMP-001)
01. n9b
02. texture
03. 8-3-8
04. interval
05. boku
06. sky
07. joybox
08. cloudless
09. bounce
10. &roid
11. kpk
12. omf
13. tatoo
14. circle
15. drop
16. bangagong
17. innerkhaos
18. sunrise

Japanese beat creator, Khaosist (known as 'KK') has finally started "Lifetime Music Project (LTMP)" series.
LTMP's only goal is to satisfy his 'Ferocious Longing', and it will be continued for the rest of his life.
It truly is a project that doesn't take goal or participant into consideration.

This is Vol.1 of the project, included variety of beats and loops. and thanks to the years with Machintosh.
"difference is a matter of great importance for me." (KK)

日本のビートクリエイターKKが、Khaosist名義で"Lifetime Music Project (LTMP)"シリーズをスタート。
"差異こそが最も興味深く重要だ" (KK)

All Beats, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Khaosist (@LVSL)
Artwork by G-digs

(P)+(C) 2014 LMTP/Lo-Vibes Recordings
Released May 22, 2014

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