KK / Vibration-Lo  (CD:LVCD-001)
01. Khaos-Introduction
02. Lion King
03. Maximum
04. Jack in Spot
05. 練習と研究とセンス
06. Skit〜A Piece of Woo
07. Go Ahead Hanger
08. PEA (Kaana's Flowin')
09. Khaos-Intermission
10. 自己満のヒットマン
11. Earthian
12. Don't Think, Feel...
13. Madly Job
14. 大航海 (into the Cygnus X-1)
15. BGK
16. 愛と遊戯
17. Khaos-Outroduction
18. K-G '99 (CD Bonus Track)
19. Sketches (CD Bonus Track)

KK's first album. This historic piece features the Japanese underground's finest rappers and DJs,
and allows one to see the depth of the Japanese Hip-Hop scene in those days..
On the verbal tip, it features Kensho from San Fransisco, as well as Kei-Bomb (from Think Tank), ari1010,
wreckin' crew, and Torikabuto, who are all highly active in Japan even now.
Even though the language may be different, the current being of Japan's rap music
will be portrayed as hip-hop evolves continually as a world-wide culture.
Also, the instrumental tracks showcase his thick tracks as well as his unique sounds.
DMC Japan champion DJ Hangar, DMC Japan finalist DJ Tsuru, and very talented beat creators
DJ Dolbee and DJ Hisa participate to make this a true gem.
A terrific volume with 19 tracks, 73minutes of music.

Think TankのKei-Bomb、アメリカ西海岸で活動するKensho、 ari1010、
またインストゥルメンタルトラックでは、 KKの太くて個性的なサウンドセンスが存分に発揮されています。
DMC Japanでも活躍したHanger, Tsuruや、才能溢れるビ−トクリエイタ−Dolbee、DJ Hisaらが

Directions in Music by KK
featuring Kei-Bomb (Think Tank) (2.13), Kensho (2.13), Wreckin' Crew (4),
Shino Da Lord Nose (Torikabuto) (5.10), Baqueratter (Torikabuto) (10),
Kaana (8), ARI1010 (15), MC Teru (15), DJ Hisa (11), DJ Dolbee (3.15),
DJ Daisizen (Torikabuto) (5.9), DJ Hanger (4.7) & DJ Tsuru (15)
artwork by DSP
Distributed by Ultra Vybe

(P)+(C) 2001 Lo-Vibes Recordings
Released in October 25, 2001

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