ARI1010 & Eudai Moniaus / Monument (New Edition)  (DIGITAL)
01. 幻夢
02. 偶然
03. Part-One
04. 地獄
05. Part-Two
06. Zero
07. Ent / Play
06. Zero (Instrumental)

This is the new edited, remastered version in 2016.

ARI1010 from "TENSQRT" , Eudai Moniaus from "Sediments" (Dragons of Edin) . . .
These two extremely unique MCs (from others and each other) have one release: Monument.
Lyrics create dimensions as each punch line gives birth to the next. This one will make your palms sweat.
DJ Dolbee, DJ CMT, and Dub-Amp adds color to various worlds musically created by KK and Mihara.

"TENSQRT"のARI1010と"Sediments"のEudai Moniaus (Dragons of Edin)、 超個性派2MCによる強烈なドッキング盤。あまりにも深い詩世界と火花散るようなパンチラインの応酬に、まさに手に汗握りっぱなしの一枚。 KKとMIHARAの奥深くも刺激的なビ−トの数々に、DJ Dolbee, DJ CMT, Dub-Ampらが彩りを添えた、サウンド面でも充実の一枚である。

Directed by ARI1010, Eudai Moniaus & KK
All beats Produced by KK, except 4 by Mihara
Recorded, Edited & Remastered by KK
Artwork by Co-Head (ns posse)

(P)+(C) 2004-2016 Lo-Vibes Recordings
Released in May 7, 2016

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