Colossius / No Doubt Fare Night EP  (DIGITAL/LVDD-005)
01. Alam Bada Comes Back
02. Donoratic Asteroids
03. Dab Bu
04. Paolo VI
05. Rombo III

Colossius, a member of a renowned Italian group Ether, releases his first solo EP from Lo-Vibes Recordings.
It includes all quality songs in which we can see influences from electronics, dub and break beats.

世界中に蔓延するビーツシーンへのイタリアからの解答! 才能溢れるクリエイターColossiusのEPが登場!!
イタリアのシーンの第一線で活躍するEtherのメンバーColossiusが初のソロEpをLo-Vibes Recordingsからリリース!

All beats Produced by Colossius
Edited by KK
Mastered by Tommaso Bianchi

(P)+(C) 2010 Lo-Vibes Recordings
Released August 15, 2010

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