V.A./ Sum Dum Fun  (DIGITAL/LVDD-008)
01. Colossius / Doutch Kamper
02. jealousguy 人ごみ Remix feat.ARI1010
03. DJ YEW Spot Rocker Remix feast.Sensational
04. Spartan Lover / Get U Poppers feat.shing02
05. amai / Re:load Remix feat.ARI1010 & Candle
06. Repeat Pattern / Spiral Remix
07. 100mado / いつか、また...Remix feat.Candle
08. G4SOM4T / Uchniem
09. Drastik Adhesive Force / 地獄 Remix feat.ARI1010 & Eudai
10. KK / Go this Way
11. Memories...

feat.Colossius, jealousguy, DJ YEW, Spartan Lover, amai, Repeat Pattern, 100mado, G4SOM4T, Drastik Adhesive Force & KK
also starring ARI1010, Candle, Eudai & Sensational.
Respectful, beloved Lo-Vibes mates and Beat Artists got together and made Remixies of Lo-Vibes materials from the past. The previous release outtakes is also included. This is a compilation worth listening to, so please enjoy!!

Compiled, Edited & Mastered by KK
Artwork by G-Digs

(P)+(C) 2012 Lo-Vibes Recordings
Released September 30, 2012

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