A-Shura Beats / antiquity  (DIGITAL/LVDD-015)
01. Space Travel
02. Fictional Universe
03. Devildom
04. Brain Waves
05. Chimera
06. Depths of
07. Aromatic
08. Sensorium
09. Sniper
10. Restoration
11. Atmosphere
12. Immediately
13. Guidance

A-shura Beats...from Akita, Japan. Having been thoroughly immersed in the influence of the Dilla generation, he has also been seeking out his own original sounds, and has discovered a spacey, dark and distinctive tones.
The sounds are richly varied, and the groove brings a sense of uniquely spaced rhythm.
Here we see a young creator that must be heard.

秋田の若きクリエイター、アシュラことA-shura Beats。オリジナリティに満ちたスペイシーな質感とぶっといベースを満載した、必聴の一作。

All beats Produced & Mixed by A-shura Beats
Edited & Mastered by KK (@LVSL)
Artwork by Kazuya Ito as toi whakairo

(P)+(C) 2014 Lo-Vibes Recordings
Released November 19, 2014

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